Competition & Subs Calendar

Here’s my updated UK writing competition & subs calendar.

A number of the competitions are open to international authors, so do check the submission guidelines. I’ve also included a few U.S. comps, plus the occasional lit mag submission window. For more lit mag deadlines and competitions, check out Duotrope or writer blogs with free listings such as Paul McVeigh’s.

Word-counts are given – please note that these are usually maximum word-counts rather than target word-counts! You will be disqualified if you go over.

A note on fees. Yes, you’ll have heard the old adage about money flowing to the writer and not from the writer. I agree in the main. In particular, that you should never be paying simply for the privilege of being published.

That said, most UK competitions and their prize funds are entirely self-funded, hence they usually charge entry fees. This is pretty standard here and considered legit although it clearly excludes lower income writers.  I’ll endeavour to add free-to-enter competitions whenever I can. Lit mags, on the other hand, do not (and never should) but are also usually self-run by volunteers and often again, do not pay their authors – the “prize” is usually publicity and kudos, or a nominal fee.


2020 Deadlines