Useful Websites

Here are some of the writer-focused websites and blogs that I’ve found particularly useful.


Writing & publication opportunities –  listings

Want to know where you where you might send your work once it’s ready? The below websites and blogs all list current opportunities including competitions and literary magazines you can submit to.


This is a paid subscription service, currently around $50 a year or $5 per month, but well worth it if you a) have the dosh and are b) sending a lot of stuff out. (They also have a free trial version, so you can check out if it would be suitable for you). Duotrope has over 7000 listings of international markets and agents. In their own words, they offer “an extensive, searchable database of current fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and visual art markets, a calendar of upcoming deadlines, a personal submissions tracker, and useful statistics compiled from the millions of data points we’ve gathered on the publishers and agents we list.”